Welcome to WISETECH, the school of the future and the future is now. WISETECH is a school with strong focus on delivering outstanding science education, computer science and mathematics, using advanced mobile interactive whiteboards and ICT platforms that encompass the use of e-learning solutions. WISETECH opened its doors in January 2015. Instructional technology is at the core of our delivery system. We seek to inspire our students to become critical thinkers and problem solvers through  cooperative and collaborative learning. WISETECH is fundamentally guided by Christian ethos. The day begins and ends with a prayer.


To become a beacon school of excellence in teaching and learning of science and technology, nationally, regionally and internationally.


To produce a generation of all-round future technocrats and technopreneurs through the provision of outstanding learning experience in science and technology, using cutting edge instructional technology and methodologies.

Principal’s Address

Welcome to Windsor School of Excellence in Science and Technology (WISETECH), the school of the future.  WISETECH is a school with a strong focus on delivering outstanding science education, maths and computer science. Instructional technology is at the centre of our delivery system. We seek to inspire our students to become critical thinkers and problem solvers through cooperative and collaborative learning. Our mission is to create a generation of technocrats, captains of industry, community leaders and science educators of the future who will drive the development of the African continent. While science education is our main focus, we also provide expert instruction in other core subjects such as Business Studies, Accounting, Economics, History, Geography, English Literature, Critical Thinking etc. What makes WISETECH a unique school is our curriculum design which allows students to apply their learning to specific and familiar and unfamiliar contexts. Students learn and apply their knowledge to solve real life problems. Our link with the industry and institutions of higher learning provides our students with the much needed  knowledge enrichment.  At WISETECH  we are guided by our strong Christian ethos and we intent to help our young people develop a sense of belonging as part of a large family. 

Sport Activities

Sports are an integral part of the school. We offer a huge range of indoor and outdoor sporting activities for healthy recreation and enjoyment.

Science Club & Fairs

The club was established in order to enhance students’ interest in science. We provide various experiments, competitions and visits. Through these activities students can learn science in a concrete way and apply the knowledge to their everyday life.

Debate Club

The aim of this club is to foster in students, a love for language, and enhance their literary skills and promote critical thinking. The club also seeks to nurture students who voice out their opinions freely and confidently.


As part of the desire to grow our students’ knowledge in all pillars of society, we have established the Quiz club and are a part of a combined schools’ quiz club that meets monthly for quiz meets in both junior and senior level competitions.

Music Club

The main motive of this club is to excavate raw talent of the students as well as cultivating passion among the gifted and perfecting their various musical skills vocally.

Speech and Drama Club

One of our recent additions and one that has gained momentum and popularity amid the student body. The club encourages creative thinking and expression and this is explored in a myriad of ways.


WISETECH opened its doors in January 2015.

At WiseTech College, we know that it is not the technology that drives results, but the student’s desire and vision. WiseTech Teachers are working professionals who bring their passion and experience to the classroom. They know the importance of understanding how the real world operates, to ensure our curriculum is always moving in tandem with the industry – wherever it might be headed.

To the world, education is understood to be an intellectual preparation for life. Webster defines education as: “the act of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life.”